This page refers to the Zap Your PRAM Conference from 2003. You probably want the 2008 conference.
Zap Your PRAM Conference 2003

The Zap Your PRAM Conference is a gathering of creative professionals, academics, and intriguing people from around the world interested in design, the web, and emerging technologies. It's a conference to relax and discuss current issues in technology, business, and whatever else comes up. A kind of think-tank, conference, have-a-conversation, type of gathering.


  • Dates: October 24-26, 2003, Friday through Sunday
  • Location: Cavendish, Prince Edward Island (see directions)
  • Registration: $100.00 (CDN) per Person
  • There is a maximum of 40 attendees, so reserve your spot by registering.

Who’s Coming?

At the ZAP Your PRAM Conference, everyone who is attending is considered a speaker of sorts. We're going to have several official "Speakers" but we intend for these talks to be the catalyst for discussion among everyone who is there. Therefore, the following is a list of both official speakers and also those who are attending the conference so you know who will be there to join in the discussion. Read the full biographies.

Confirmed to date: