This page refers to the Zap Your PRAM Conference from 2003. You probably want the 2008 conference.
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Zap Your PRAM Conference 2003

Zap Video: Introduction and Dan James

We stuck a digital video camera and some borrow microphones in the conference room the Zap Your PRAM conference and captured most of the sessions. Peter Rukavina is hard at work digitizing the video and getting it web-ready.

We’ll be posting the session videos as we get them ready. They are available under the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike license and hosting and bandwidth is provided free of charge by the good people at the Internet Archive.

Our first two videos are a short introduction with Dan James and Peter Rukavina, and Dan James’ Friday night session.

Zap Intro VideoIntroduction & Housekeeping

36MB QuickTime - 11min - The opening night introduction and housekeeping notes with Dan James and Peter Rukavina.

Dan James’ Zap SessionZap Session: Dan James

159MB QuickTime - 50min - Dan James talks about silverorange and entertains a lively audience in the first session of the conference.