This page refers to the Zap Your PRAM Conference from 2003. You probably want the 2008 conference.
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Zap Your PRAM Conference 2003

Zap Video: Buzz Bruggeman

First thing on Saturday morning (after the early morning architect’s tour of Avonlea) we were in the presence of Buzz.

Buzz talks at ZapBuzz Bruggeman speaks at Zap

198MB QuickTime - 1hr 2min - Buzz Bruggeman of ActiveWords speaks at the Zap conference.

Buzz Bruggeman []
I can't get the QT movie to load?

Help...I want to bask in the glory of my 62 minutes of fame...

Daniel Von Fange []
Maybe you just have to wait for the whole thing to load? ( I had too, and thought it was not working at first. )
Buzz Bruggeman []
I did get it load, and wished the lighting would have been better. I need to clean up some stuff in my presentation style, and appreciated the ability to critique it.

Thanks again to everyone...